Umbrella Cockatoo Breeder Pairs


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Umbrella Cockatoo Pairs

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cockatoo umbrella

cockatoo umbrella.  Breeder Pairs for sale, (Cacatua alba) is a highly affectionate and loving companion pet bird, they demand a lot of attention and will want to be around their keeper most of the time.

This charming bird is native to the tropical rainforest Islands of Indonesia. The Umbrella cockato parrot can be distinguished from other cockatos for sale by their wholly white crest that raises whenever the bird is happy, wants to play, or excited, its beak and leg is dark.

This large bird is capable of learning more than 40 words when properly trained but mostly they will confuse screaming for talking.

This bird specie is highly endangered but with the right care, feeding and clean environmental habits the Umbrella cockato can live for more than 50 years.


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