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Specie: Gang Gang Cockatoo for Sale

Sex: Male and Female Available

Health: Very Healthy

Color: Grey with Wispy Crest


Gang Gang Cockatoos: Red & Grey Colored for Sale Online

Gang Gang Cockatoos, although traditionally linked to the Black Cockatoo group recent biochemical work has shown it to be more closely related to the Galah and white cockatoo group than to black cockatoos.

Gang Gang Cockatoo for sale online. It has been known to hybridize with the Galah Cockatoos, which is an example of hybridization in the wild with an escaped Little Corella has been reported. Buy Gang Gang Cockatoos online.

Gang Gang Cockatoo for sale The Gang Gang Cockatoo is a little, stocky cockatoo with a wispy crest, huge, wide wings and a small tail.

The adult male has a special scarlet red head and crest, with the remaining body slate-grey. The adult female has a dark grey head and crest, with the feathers of the underparts edged pink and yellow.

In both sexes, the feathers of the upper parts and wings are faintly edged pale-grey, giving a barred appearance, with females having extra yellow trim to their feathers that raises this barred impact.

Young birds resemble the adult female, with young males different by having a red crown and forehead and a shorter, less twisted red crest.

Gang-gangs are gregarious but fairly quiet cockatoos, and may generally be located in food trees by the sounds of feeding and falling debris.

Feeding | Buy gang gang cockatoo 

Gang gang Cockatoos feed generally on seed products of native and presented trees and shrubs, with a choice for eucalyptus, wattles and released hawthorns.

They will also eat berries, fruits, nuts and insects and their larvae. They are mostly arboreal (found in trees), arriving at the ground only to drink and to forage among-st dropped fruit or pine cones.

Gang-gangs feed in flocks of up to 60 birds outside the reproduction season; they feed in pairs or small family groups during the breeding period.


Gang gang Cockatoos form close, monogamous pairs. The female selects a nest hollow in an appropriate tree and both sexes get ready the nest for egg-laying, lining it with wood-chips and dust by nibbling at the sides of the hollow.

Both genders incubate the eggs and care for the young. Parents feed their young for an additional 4 to 6 weeks after fledging and family will be seen feeding with each other during the breeding season.

In some instances, ‘crèches’ will be formed – where several pairs have nested close together, their young will roost together in the same tree while their parents are foraging.


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